Over 40 recommendations on LinkedIn:

Ed Lau, President at Phizzle, Inc.
I've had the opportunity to work with Nick over the past 18 months. Nick is part of my leadership team as Director of Support for Phizzle. He is a key member of the team where he manages an offshore organization that operates 7x24x365 supporting mission critical Phizzle software used in pharmacutical manufacturing globally. Nick was instrumental in establishing the offshore team - helping to recruit, train, and retain our very talented Support team members. While he is a very dedicated and effective manager who pays attention to details, his interpersonal skills are exceptional, enabling individual team members to operate at their peak. Further describing his strengths, Nick is also very creative with strong sense of design. This has translated into recommendations and changes to the Phizzle UI, enhancing the look and feel of the product. Nick is multi-talented and contributes to the success of the entire organization.

Kari Baker, Vice President of Customer Success and Operations, Phizzle Inc.
Nick and I have worked together for 8 years. I have managed him directly throughout his work career at Phizzle and have seen him develop his skills from an Account Manager doing exceptional creative video and graphics for marketing that consistently won over our customers' needs, to becoming our Creative Brand Manager, and now he is a phenomenal Director of Customer Support. Currently, he manages the support engineers with empathy and genuine care and concern for work/life balance and our team as individuals and a whole. He has a high emotional IQ and the ability to get the best performance out of the team. He is incredibly detail-oriented, has a great eye for the aesthetic, and demonstrates a level of trust, loyalty, and dependability that is hard to find these days. I am grateful to have him on my team and for the symbiotic relationship that we have cultivated.

Amy Peterson, Manager of Sponsorship, Detroit Tigers
“Nick helped with the set-up, design, file transfers and configuration of the new scoreboard at Comerica Park. It was a huge project and Nick along with his staff managed it effectively and efficiently. He was able to get things done in high pressure situations with little turnaround time. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with Nick again on another project.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Daniel Pfaltzgraf, Web & Creative Services Manager, Wilmington Blue Rocks
“Nick is an incredible leader and motion designer. He funnels creative recommendations into practical applications while displaying originality and contributing fresh ideas. By placing the needs of his clients above his own, it is clear that Nick’s mission is to continually provide branding solutions that exceed his clients’ expectations.”
Top qualities: Expert, Creative, Good Value

Kathryn Caruso, Account Manager, Universal McCann
“I have had the pleasure of working with Nick on various LED boards over the last year. He is awesome at managing projects, ensuring materials are delivered on time and offers creative solutions along the way. His knowledge for the business shines. Nick is a wonderful representative of Daktronics and we will definitely be working with them in the future!”
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Jessica Carr, Graphic Designer
“Nick is a proven leader in his field. He possesses the technical capabilities of an advanced designer as well as the people skills of a highly seasoned account manager. Customers trusted him with their projects from beginning to end and he proved to be a huge asset to our sales department. The office was sad to see him go!”
Top qualities: Creative, Professional

Michael Diodati, Web & Creative Services Manager, Wilmington Blue Rocks
“Nick worked with the Wilmington Blue Rocks to create new video animations and creative content for our two video boards at Frawley Stadium. Nick was very personable and easy to work with throughout the entire process. All of the creative content was completed quickly and above expectations. Nick is extremely knowledgeable and professional in what he does and it shows! It was great working with Nick.”
Top qualities: Creative, Expert

Lisa Nagro, Senior Producer, Universal McCann
“We have used Daktronics for the last 2 years to deliver stadium graphics for our regional clients – and they have been a great partner for us. Nick is fabulous at making recommendations and providing creative ideas to improve our product and enhance the overall brand image. He has worked hard to make sure our product is delivered on time and within budget. He does a great job – I would hire him and Daktronics in a second!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Stefanie Manning, Account Manager, Creative Services, Daktronics
“Nick has the unique experience of multiple roles within a workflow: digital artist, to project manager, to account manager. This knowledge – and his talents – make him a valuable asset to any creative production team.”

Emily Griffin, Senior Account Manager, Detroit Pistons
“I relied on Nick to design LED signage animations for key team and venue sponsors throughout the course of several NBA seasons at The Palace of Auburn Hills, and summer concert seasons at DTE Energy Music Theatre. He consistently delivered high quality work and came through for me on projects that required very quick turnaround. Nick is artistically talented, communicative, and a joy to work with.”
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Laura Sgrecci, Senior Director, Marketing & Promotions, University at Buffalo
“Nick is a rock star. Daktronics has been a tremendous asset in helping us improve our game presentation and Nick has been an integral part of the process. His customer service is excellent; he goes above and beyond to get things done under tight deadlines. Nick represents Daktronics well!”
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Shannon Senokossoff, Digital Artist, Keyframe (colleague)
“It was always a pleasure to work with Nick while I was a digital artist at Daktronics; his art background gave him a good understanding of the needs, abilities, and limitations of the artists whose assignments he managed. He was able to translate clients’ needs at the beginning of a project into realistic creative goals for the artists, and then later manage client feedback for revisions. He was well organized and always got us the assets and info we needed. On top of all that he has a great sense of humor and is really easy to get along with.”

Rich Hollenberg, Show Host, HSN
“I spent countless hours hosting electronics shows at HSN, and almost all the information I used to make each presentation worthwhile was provided by Nick.
Nick’s research and knowledge was thorough, professional, and always relevant. He made my job easier. And he was always great to collaborate with.”

Jessica Carr, Graphics Assistant, Keyframe (colleague)
“Nick has original ideas and is hardworking. He is an asset to any team in creative management and knows how to motivate and inspire others.”

Ashley Rooney, Assistant Account Executive, SMZ Advertising
“I work with Nick on the Michigan Lottery’s animations at Comerica Park for Detroit Tigers games. He is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable when it comes to creating our new digital signage. Nick is organized and always available for my “layman” questions. I am consistently impressed with his timeliness. He just “gets it”!”

Eric Vasgaard, Keyframe Account Executive, Daktronics (colleague)
“Nick has a pulse on the daily activity in our Tampa office. He is willing to take the extra time to make sure things are done correctly, on time and on budget.” 

Mike Bilbow, Director of Video Services, The University of Tulsa
“Nick is the man. Very creative, and a good guy to work with!”

Mike Mahoney, Sponsorship Sales Executive, Carolina Panthers
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
“Nick has done an outstanding job for my clients in designing impactful campagins that run in stadium. Nick is detail oriented and delivers projects on-time with a great deal of creativity.”

Trisha Schuver, Keyframe Account Manager, Daktronics (colleague)
“It is always fun to work with Nick! He has a very ambitious spirit and is always willing to accept new challenges. As projects progress he does a great job of managing and delivering a quality project.”

Craig Miller, President, Full Throttle Intermedia
“I have worked with Nick many times over the last (5) years. He has directed projects that my company has worked on for several major league stadiums and professional sports teams such as: The Atlanta Falcons. Tampa Bay Rays, Phillies and Reds just to name a few. He has also worked as a liason between the graphics produced by my company and corporations such as VISA, Verizon and United Airlines. He is very proficient at his position and can adapt to any situation.”

Tony Biggar, Animator, Keyframe (colleague)
“Nick is a wonderfully generous Production Manager. He is a great asset to any project as he welcomes honest critique and input. He is also not afraid to get his own hands dirty to get the project done. I am thankful to work with someone that is as thoughtful and as talented as he is.”

Patrick Merna (client)
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative
“I worked with Nick in relation to our LED campaign with the Memphis Grizzlies. The work required during that time line is at the busiest point in the season with tight deadlines, ever-changing sponsor needs, and a high level of quality needed for the product. Not only was Nick able to deliver he was able to make multiple and complete adjustments to ensure we were ready for opening night and beyond!”

Chris O’Brien, Student, Rasmussen College (Student)
“I have had Nick as an Instructor at Rasmussen College while taking classes for a Digital Design Degree. Nick knows the programs and is very passionate about design and animation. Learning from Nick helps boost my confidence as a digital designer and I know I will have the skills employers look for.”

Jeannette Ahrens, Motion Graphics Artist, Keyframe (colleague)
“Nick is a professional and trustworthy manager. I can always count on him to help guide me with any project that I might have a question on. I also find it easy to talk to him and get feedback on ideas I may have for a project.”

Brian Casabella (client)
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
“Great attention to detail and great attitude to work with.” 

Steve Witten, General Sales Manager, Auburn, ISP Sports (business partner)
“Nick is always courteous and professional when my operation calls on him for LED graphics assistance. He and his staff work quickly and follow instructions and produce great looking animations.”

Anna Johnson, Production Scheduler and Motion Graphics Artist, Keyframe (colleague)
“Nick is hard working and is a good communicator. Nick is respected by his co-workers for his willingness to help anytime he can. His skills, ambition, and “can do” attitude are an asset to any team.”

Mark Eisenstadt, Event Producer at University of Florida/Director, Daktronics (colleague)
“Nick is a very astute professional who is capable of acting as a much needed bridge and translator between marketers and artists. His ability to work in both circles allows for maximum cooperation and the highest possible quality.”

Adam Robinson, Animator, Keyframe (colleague)
“Nick is a talented artist and graphic designer as well as a very dependable project manager. He understands many aspects of graphic design and animation further enhancing his skills as the excellent project manager that he is. I also enjoy working with Nick because he is an easy person to talk to and work with making every job we work on together that much smoother.”

Mark Colone (client)
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“When I was introduced to Nick, I immediately was put at ease on a technical project that was time consuming. Our company had paid a large sum of money to produce video programming for a collegiate basketball video program. The person who produced the video did what he was asked to do, but with the new video programming on the multi-million dollar scoreboard, the technical director at the facility erred in his production request. Thankfully, we were able to produce a high quality video program to support the team and excite the fans do to Nick’s ability to take a “most pit” of collateral and develop what was necessary for video release. He understood the task at hand, made a recommendation, re-built what we gave him and delivered a sound finished product. In other words, for a fair price and a ton of work on his part at Keyframe, he bailed us out and we looked like heroes. Everyone needs a cape. Nick was ours! How can you not want to work with a guy like Nick?”

Kate Mastin, Director of Operations, Crimson Tide Sports Marketing
“Nick is awesome. Turns everything around quickly and it always looks great.”

Fred Doremus, Manager, Keyframe (colleague)
“I’ve had the pleasure to supervise Nick for a couple of years now. He continues to impress with his attention to detail, excellent work ethic and willingness to go beyond the call of duty if the situation dictates. I feel fortunate to have Nick as the leader of our team of creative artists.”